How To Find Your Style

A FREE course teaching you how to find your signature style, simplify your wardrobe and feel effortlessly pulled together everyday!


Are you ready to say “Goodbye” to wardrobe chaos and “Hello!” to a calm, clutter-free, perfectly curated closet?


What you’ll learn

In this free video course, I’ll walk you through my 4 step process to overhaul your approach to style and gain complete clarity around what you love to wear and what works for your lifestyle.

Having a well-edited wardrobe where you love everything you own and where everything works together makes getting dressed everyday super easy and fun, and it all comes down to having a clear understanding of your own signature style!

This Course Is For You If:

  • You want to save time and eliminate those frustrating moments spent standing in front of your wardrobe thinking “I have nothing to wear!” Once you find your style I promise it will be so much easier. Invest a little time now and you can then basically “set and forget!”

  • You enjoy fashion, but feel overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff” you have. You just want to declutter your wardrobe (once and for all!) so that you can feel calm and have fun when you’re putting outfits together!

  • You want to save time and money and become a smarter shopper. Once you know your style and what works in your wardrobe, you’ll drastically reduce those impulse purchases that you later regret and become very intentional (even a little picky!) when it comes to shopping!

  • You want to feel effortlessly pulled together and like the best, most authentic version of yourself everyday when you get dressed. This is the biggest benefit to having complete clarity around your signature style, because when you love and feel great in what you wear, it’s so much easier to show up in the world as the person you want to be. Clothes give you the power to express yourself, to control how people see and interpret you. To show a little glimpse into your personality, without you having to say a word. Why not use that power to your advantage, and have fun at the same time?!

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