Hello, I’m Lauren

Welcome to - I’m so happy to have you here!

I’m a fashion lover who’s also obsessed with simplicity and organisation, and over the past few years I’ve gone from an overflowing wardrobe to a much more streamlined, well-edited style that’s still colourful and fun, just without the excess!

Here on the Blog and on my YouTube channel, I share tips, ideas and inspiration to help you simplify your wardrobe and curate your own personal style so you can save time, money, space and always feel your best in whatever you throw on.

Whether you’re a shopping addict feeling overwhelmed by the chaos of your closet or you’re a minimalist who’s trying to meld your desire for a capsule wardrobe with your love of colourful prints and patterns - if you’re looking to curate a style that is more mindful and authentic to you, you’re in the right place!

You’ll find plenty of inspiration and practical advice to help you feel calm, confident and creative when it comes to your style, because getting dressed is something we need to do everyday and I firmly believe it should be easy, effortless and fun!

Fun Facts!


1) I’m a total summer lover - luckily I live in sunny Perth, Western Australia

2) My style is a contrast of romantic/feminine and super relaxed/casual. I love floaty white dresses, floral prints, blue denim and converse. Most importantly it needs to be effortless and comfortable!

3) I'm an early bird and mornings are my fave time of day (but I'm completely hopeless after 9pm)

4) Taylor Swift is my fave singer. I also love older music, especially Queen and the Beatles.

5) My awesome hubby, Tom and I have been together for 9 years. He’s just the best, and our wedding in 2017 was the most magical, fun and laughter filled celebration! You can check out the video here and my wedding related posts here if you like!

6) Gilmore girls is my absolute favourite TV show - it’s just so cozy and comforting! I’m also a Harry Potter obsessive and used to be soo jealous of Emma Watson for getting the part of Hermione!

7) I believe that appreciating the simple pleasures is the key to a happy life. Strolls by the river with Tom, laughing with my best friends (over brunch!), mothering my collection of indoor plants…it’s the little things that make everyday magical!

8) I love listening to and reading inspiring podcasts and books on personal development. I’m also into the slightly more magical (some may say “woo woo”) side of life and love learning about things like Law of Attraction, crystals, manifestation… kinda weird but super fun too!)

9) I’m a tea lover and Irish Breakfast is my favourite!

10) I believe in creating a life that I don’t need a holiday from, but of course I still adore travelling and exploring new corners of the world whenever I can.

11) Despite loving travel, I’m also a true homebody. I’ve loved the process of slowly turning our apartment into our own little sanctuary and there’s nothing I enjoy more than a cozy night in at home!

12) This little corner of the internet started out as “Lauren Loves Laughter” back in 2013. I’d just finished uni and was in need of a creative outlet to distract me from my rather serious job as a new dentist. I immediately fell in love with blogging and for the past six years it’s been the space to share my love of fashion, food, photography, interior design, travel, minimalism… whatever was inspiring me at the time!

13) Over time I’ve realised that being “fashionable” is simply about knowing what you like and feeling confident and completely “you” in whatever you’re wearing. That’s why, although I share style tips and tricks, they’re always meant to be seen as “guidelines” not hard and fast rules!

14) I’m very much an introvert, but I still adore connecting with amazing like-minded people. I’ve met some incredible friends through the wonders of the internet and I love the community that blogging can create!

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I’m excited to connect!