My Style Diary - Crazy Colours for Brunch with the Girls

Hello :) Today I had a lovely morning catching up with my best friends over brunch. They've been really busy lately with uni so it was nice to be able to sit down for a few hours and have a good chat! 

I decided I wanted to dress up a bit this morning so I wore this super colourful dress I bought the other day. (I've developed a bit of a shopping problem now that I've started working and I think I need to impose a ban on myself...for a few weeks at least!). The bright colours are so summery and cheerful and I thought I'd better make the most of the warm weather that we have left. 

As you can probably tell, these are my favourite wedges, they are the most comfortable heels I own and I can actually walk in them! Usually I feel too over the top wearing heels (even if they are wedges) during the day, but I've decided that from now on  I'm not going to care about what other people think - if I feel like dressing up then I'll dress up!

What I'm Wearing

Dress -

Revival from Dangerfield

Shoes - Aldo

Bag - Jigsaw

Watch - Thomas Sabo

Nail Polish -

"Shine On" by Kit Cosmetics

I hope you're having a good Saturday!

Love Lauren