My Style Diary - Denim and Lace

Today has just been a very chilled out day so far. All my friends are either working or studying it seems so I'm just having to entertain myself! It's still very weird that I'm now the one with free time! Anyway, this top is from Asos and I love the lace detail on it. It's such a comfortable, simple shirt but the lace adds a nice delicate touch. My jeans are from Calvin Klein and are so so comfortable! Seriously the most comfortable jeans I've ever worn. The down side of that is that they do stretch out quite a bit, but I'm hoping they'll spring back to their original shape once they've been washed. Anyway, I'm off to have some lunch and read "Making money made simple" which is a book my Dad bought for me... probably in the hopes that it will encourage me to save more! So far it seems to be pretty interesting :). I hope you're having a great Sunday! 

What I'm Wearing

Top -


Jeans - Calvin Klein

Shoes -


from Transit

Bag - Country Road

Belt - My Mum's

Necklace - from Japan

Ring - Diva

Watch - Thomas Sabo

Bracelet - Pandora

Love Lauren