My Style Diary - Black and White

I took these photos last weekend before going out to the city with friends. I almost wasn't going to post these because they're not particularly good quality (it's so hard taking good photos at night!), but I figured that I may as well. This blog is a kind of photo diary for me, and all the pictures bring back memories of what I was doing that day/night, so I wanted to include these.

 The heels I'm wearing are actually my sister's. I love the unique design and they're actually not too uncomfortable (but of course, being me, I still decided to change into flats at the last minute! I'm so boring). I've had this white top for about 2 months now and wear it so much. Surprisingly it hasn't appeared in any outfit photos yet. 

Anyway, I'm off to sleep now. Goodnight

Love Lauren


What I'm Wearing

Top - Forever New

Jeans - Pilgrim

Jacket - from Hong Kong

Heels - ?? (and I didn't end up wearing them out!)

Flats - Country Road

Bag - My Grandma's

Bracelet - Accessorize