My Style Diary - Bows and Ballet Flats for Mother's Day


Hello :)

I'm sitting in front of the heater right now in my pajamas, and feeling absolutely exhausted, but actually really happy! It was a pretty busy day at work today, but sometimes being busy can be a really good thing! It makes you feel like you're being very productive!

Anyway, this is what I wore on Sunday - Mother's day. I like how it's kind of lady-like with the striped bow top (I love the bows on the back, but my sister said it looked like a hospital gown!), ballet flats, and simple jewellery... but has a bit of a "twist" with the ripped jeans and (almost) black nail polish. 

Reading back over that last sentence makes me laugh because it sounds like I actually put thought into the outfit, when in reality, I was just in the mood for wearing something super comfy, and the top and jeans were the easiest things to throw on! 

Anyway, I think going to go watch an episode of Castle now. I hope you're having a lovely Wednesday night!

What I'm Wearing

Top - French Connection

Jeans -


Shoes - Country Road

Bag - Jigsaw

Necklace - Thomas Sabo

Bracelet - Tiffany & Co. (a birthday gift)

Nail polish - OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

Love Lauren