My Style Diary - Nostalgia

Hello :)

Sunday night already! This weekend has gone by so quickly. Probably because this is the first week this year that I actually had a full working week. It was very busy, but it's good that work is starting to pick up a bit! Otherwise I'm going to get too used to 3 day weekends!

Anyway, it's been a lovely weekend. On Friday night I had the Engineering Ball and it was an awesome night. My friends came over early and we got ready together, which always gets the night off to a fun start, and it's always good to have help with last minute decisions of what to wear, makeup etc... :)

Then today I had a 3 hour Swing Dancing workshop. I've tried Swing dancing before, about 3 years ago, but because things were just so busy with uni I never really committed to it. It was a really fun day and I'm excited to get into it! It's been on my list of "Things I want to do" for so long.

I took these photos last weekend, and I feel like such a little kid in this outfit...but I love it! I used to wear overalls all the time and was so excited when I found these ones. I like how they're a bit different to the typical ones that you see around. Another thing that makes me excited is the fact that Jelly shoes seem to be coming back into fashion. I haven't bought a pair yet because I'm trying to be good...but I'm sure next summer I won't be able to resist! They take me straight back to year 5!

What I'm Wearing

Overalls - from Singapore

Top - Mink Pink

Shoes - from Paris

Watch - Thomas Sabo

Bracelets - Pandora and a birthday gift

Nail Polish - OPI Do you lilac it

the sparkly one was a free sample from Sportsgirl!

Lots of Love