My Style Diary - Don't you see the starlight?

Heya :)

This is one of my favourite tops from Country Road, and I don't think it's made an appearance in a blog post before. My Dad says it looks like "Christmas wrapping paper" ... and I guess he's right in a way... but that's okay with me! I love how the stars add a little fun, but the silky fabric and style is quite dressy (and work appropriate which is a bonus!). The only problem I have with it is that it gets creased so easily! I'll iron it, and about 15 minutes after I've put it on it's all crumpled again! Oh well :)

Moving down, these jeans are also a new favourite. They're from Calvin Klein, and I had my eye on them for ages before I finally nabbed them on sale for 50% off! Calvin Klein jeans, particularly the "Body"  ones are my absolute favourites, because they're so comfy. They really are the best, and definitely worth the splurge (but being the bargain hunter I am, I always wait for the sales!)

Anyway...that's it for today :)

Lots of Love



Top - Country Road

Leather Jacket - from Hong Kong

Jeans - Calvin Klein

Shoes - Salem Attitude

Cross Ring - Asos

Bag - Jigsaw

Nail polish - OPI "Not like the movies"