My Style Diary - Cream, Pink and Khaki

As I'm sitting here writing this, it's actually bucketing down with rain, but when I took these photos yesterday it was just the most lovely sunny day. It's not quite spring yet, but  yesterday it was definitely starting to feel like it, particularly as the plum blossoms are blooming! 

This is my absolute favourite time of year - it's slowly starting to warm up, the sun starts rising earlier and setting later (making it just that little bit easier to get out of bed at 6:30 am), and I just overall feel much more positive about life in general. 

I haven't written about this all that much on here, but a few months ago I was feeling pretty negative about things. I was so anxious all the time about various things that I don't really want to get into on here. For some reason though, over the past few weeks things just seem to have gotten better.

Anyway, hopefully that's all over *fingers crossed*. One of the things that I think has definitely helped is the fact that I've been trying to keep myself busier.  I was in a bit of a rut before, but I've been making more plans, seeing more people and just generally trying to fill my free time with things I love doing. It definitely helps that it's been nicer weather. When it was colder, all I wanted to do was curl up in bed and sleep!

This blog is just one of the things that I've decided I'm going to spend more time perfecting. I really enjoy it, and although it does feel slightly narcissistic sometimes (I mean, it is a blog mostly filled with photos of myself), it is a nice kind of creative outlet. 

My good friend Alex who is a bit of a computer wiz was kind enough to spend time showing me the very basics of html today. He helped me set up the navigation bar up the top there 


and already I think it makes the whole blog look so much nicer! So thank you so so much Alex! :)

Whoa that was ramble-y! I didn't even talke about the outfit :p.

I hope you're having a lovely relaxing Sunday night

Lots of Love



Top - Asos

Pants - Country Road

Sandals - Therapy from Transit

Belt - Witchery

Bag - Jigsaw

Watch - Thomas Sabo

Bracelet - Pandora