My Style Diary - Grey Skies...(and a ramble about boots)

I find boots to be one of the trickiest things to buy. It's probably partly because I'm so picky, but I feel like they are such an investment piece, and can completely change an outfit. When I buy a pair of boots, I want them to be something that I will love and have in my wardrobe forever! That's why, for me, it's so important to get it right, and really spend the time searching for the perfect pair.

These are one of those "perfect pairs" (in my humble opinion... of course everyone has different tastes, but for me they are perfect). These were actually the first pair of boots I ever bought, way back in Year 10 I think it was. They're from Rome, and my Mum and I spent a long time looking before we struck gold. I love the soft brown suede, which makes them super comfy, the pointed (but not too pointed toe), and the fact that they come up to just the right height (often quite difficult to find for a shorty like me!) 

When I first bought them I was obsessed, they were pretty much all I wore for ages... 

but one day... the magic started to wear off, they started to lose some of their sparkle, and I started to think "hmmm not sure I really like these that much". 

I knew of course, that it was probably just a phase, and so, to the back of my wardrobe they were put, where they stayed for quite sometime. 

Then one day (just last weekend), for some reason I decided to pull them out and try them on... and... ta-daaa!! The magic was back, and I've fallen completely back in love with them. 

That is the beauty of really taking the time to find something classic that you truly love. Because even if for a little while your tastes change, or trends change, one day, you'll be able to go back and really appreciate them. 

Anyway, enough rambling about shoes!

I hope you're enjoying this rainy Saturday night! I'm sitting in front of a lovely cozy fire in Margaret River and feeling very content. I only have tonight here because I have to head back home tomorrow for work on Monday, but for now, I'm just enjoying the moment. 




Dress/top - Jeans West

Boots - from Italy

Watch - Thomas Sabo

Bracelet - Local Boutique