My Style Diary - Perfect Sunny Sunday

Today was one of those perfect days when you just feel so lucky for everything. I know that it's still technically winter, but today it certainly felt like spring is on its way... the sun was shining and there was just that scent of warm weather in the air that makes you feel happy and lets you forget all your worries...even if only for a moment...

Catching up with my best girl friends over a delicious lunch by the beach was the perfect way to spend a Sunday, particularly one this lovely. 

It was also the perfect time to break out a few new additions to my wardrobe. These jeans were a surprise from my Mum - she picked them up from Picnic for a steal - apparently she just couldn't resist because they were such a great bargain. I love the muted floral pattern and they're super comfy! Similarly, these heels from Forever New were a great buy for $50ish (reduced from $99!).  I've become a bit of an expert at finding bargains at Forever New... that probably means I shop too much... ah well..

Anyway... that's it for tonight! ...Sorry my posts always seem to have some sort of commentary on the weather... but I'm one of those people who's mood can be really weather dependent! Thank goodness I live in Perth!

Lots of Love



Jumper - Dotti

Jeans - Picnic

Heels - Forever New

Bag - Country Road