April in Pictures

Although we're now well into May, I still wanted to share some of my Instagram pics for the month of April. Looking back, it was a really fun month :)

The highlights included going to Michael Buble's concert (he was seriously so amazing!) and the morning spent with my Nonna and Nonno making authentic Italian tomato sauce.

I hadn't had the chance to join them for quite a few years so it was fun being able to help out (as well as a good way to learn all the tips and tricks!)

Some other things I did this month included -  enjoying many lovely walks around the neighbourhood (the weather in April is just so beautiful), trying out some new recipes such as these

"healthy" crepes

(I eliminated the healthiness by smothering them in maple syrup), drinking a lot of tea, and eating far too much chocolate! 

Anyway, I hope you had a good month of April and are looking forward to (what remains of) May! I definitely am :)

Lots of Love