My Style Diary - Last Minute Changes

It's amazing the difference simply switching jackets can make to an outfit. On this particular day I started off wearing my leather jacket, but after taking a few photos, decided that I was too cold and needed something a little more warm and cozy. I quickly shrugged on my parka, added a scarf and ta-da! - a totally different look, which I managed to snap a few pics of before dashing out. I actually like this outfit with the parka better - ties in the colour of my boots quite nicely I think and just gives a more relaxed vibe :)

Enough about jackets though - lets move onto the real star of the show today which is this gorgeous new bag from Trenery. I love the tan colour and beautiful detailing (I'm a sucker for gold hardware), and the fact that it's a little bigger than my other handbags is a big plus. If you've read my blog at all you'll know I'm a real bargain hunter, so at 40% off I couldn't resist! 

(I admit that I have a slight shopping addiction, but at least I'm good at finding great deals! Really - I'm saving money! hehe)

Anyway, let me know which you like best. Leather jacket or Parka?

Lots of Love



Parka - Forever New, Jumper - Dotti, Jeans - Siwy, Boots - Betts, Necklace - Saba, 

Scarf - Market in Cambridge , Bag - Trenery, Watch - Calvin Klein, Leather Jacket - Hong Kong