My Style Diary - Stripes and Sparkly Jewels

I've said before that I'm not usually a fan of statement jewellery,  preferring instead to opt for more simple, understated pieces. Lately though I've had a change of heart as I've recently found a few more stand out pieces that were just too pretty to resist.

The first is this gorgeous necklace from

Colette by Colette Hayman

. It's usually a store that I shy away from as some (well a lot) of the jewellery is just a little to "out there" and crazy for my taste, but the other day I was passing by and thought I'd just pop in for a look and ended up coming out with this lovely piece.

 I love the blush coloured stones and antique gold of this necklace that gives it quite a vintage inspired feel. It's very pretty and feminine, without being over the top. 

Statement necklaces are perfect paired with a simple jeans and jumper outfit, adding just a little more "pizazz" (I've always wanted to use that word!) and making my winter wardrobe a little more exciting (Summer please hurry up!)

Anyway, let me know what you think of statement jewellery :)

Lots of Love



Jumper - French Connection

Jeans - Pilgrim

Boots - Country Road

Jacket - Forever 21

Bag - Jigsaw

Necklace -

Colette by Colette Hayman