My Style Diary - Winter White

There's something about bright white and blue denim that I just absolutely love. I don't know what it is about the combination, but I'm always drawn to it, and now that this gorgeous jumper's been added to my collection, I can now incorporate a bit more white it into my winter wardrobe. 

I'd had my eye on this jumper since spotting it in Country Road about a month ago, and once their Spend and Save deal started, I pounced. (Seriously, they really get me with their "spend and save",  a sneaky but very effective trick!) 

Around this time last year, there were jumpers in French Connection that had a cute little lace trim at the bottom. I kind of regret not picking one up, but I'm pretty pleased I managed to recreate the look by layering one of my favourite tops underneath this jumper. It adds a little feminine touch which I love :)

Anyway, hope you're having a fab day!



 Jumper - Country Road

Top - Forever New

Jeans - Siwy

Shoes - from Singapore

Bag - Trenery

Watch - Calvin Klein

Bracelet - Kookai