My Style Diary - Khaki and a Crumpled Shirt

Ahh crumpled shirt - how you frustrate me! This is one of my favourite and most worn shirts, but annoyingly, no matter how perfectly I think I've ironed it, five minutes after I put it on it reverts back to its creased and crumpled state! Does anyone else have this problem??

Clearly it doesn't bother me


much because I continue to wear it and put up with the wrinkles, hopefully not appearing too dishevelled. I like easy, laid-back looks so I guess it just adds to the whole "I just threw this on" kinda vibe. Or is that just wishful thinking?

Ah well - it worked well enough for a relaxed Saturday lunch out with Tom :)

If anyone have any secrets for keeping shirts wrinkle free let me know!

Lots of Love



Shirt, Pants, Bag  - Country Road

Sandals - Therapy Shoes