My Style Diary - The Feel Good Dress

In my opinion, every girl needs at least one "feel good" dress in their wardrobe. The dress that you can just slip into that makes you instantly feel pretty and put together. 

This is mine for a couple of reasons:

1) The beautiful floral fabric is just so colourful and bright that it's impossible not to feel happier when you're wearing it. I love my neutrals, but colour just has a way of lifting the mood and bringing a smile to my face.

2) The fit & flare cut is flattering and makes me feel very feminine and lady like. It's definitely one of the best styles for my body shape and I just love being able to twirl around in a nice full skirt.

3) The fact that it is super easy to just throw on and rush out the door. No strapless bras or hollywood tape required. (I'm sure you've noticed by now that I have a very "low maintenance" kind of style)

Do you have your own go-to "feel good" dress?

Lots of Love



Dress - Revival from Dangerfield

Shoes - Therapy Shoes

Bag - Trenery

Watch - Calvin Klein