My Style Diary - Floral Printed Shorts

Hello Hello!

It's Friday night! Yay! :) 

... I actually have work tomorrow (but can't complain too much - I've had today off), so I'm having a nice quiet night in.

I've spent the afternoon helping my littlest sister get ready for her Year 12 ball, which is very exciting but also makes me feel very old! 

A bunch of her friends came over for Before's and they all looked so beautiful all dressed up.

I'm feeling quite nostalgic at the moment - it's hard to believe it's been seven years since I was heading off to the ball with my friends... 

Anyway... this outfit was from last weekend. Can you tell by now I like shorts? I feel so much more comfortable in them than I do in skirts. I would love to be able to wear skirts more often but whenever I do I feel so constricted and just a bit too self conscious, so shorts are my go to most of the time. To mix it up a bit though I pulled out these patterned ones that I picked up in Malaysia last year but for some reason hadn't worn yet (clearly I have too many clothes). I love the muted colours and abstract sort of floral pattern - it's a bit of a change from my usual denim shorts. 

That's it from me for now - Happy Friday night!



Top - Country Road

Shorts - Seed

Shoes - Therapy

Bag - Jigsaw