Morning Musings

As I'm typing this it's currently 5:35 am. 

5:35 am on a Friday that I happen to have off work...

Why is it that on normal work days, my alarm goes off at 6:20 and I can hardly open my eyes, and yet on the rare occasion that I actually have a chance to sleep in, my body natural wakes itself up and I'm left just lying there wide awake??

Oh well... to be honest I don't actually mind. Mornings are my favourite part of the day - so fresh and  quiet and full of possibility (okay that was really cheesy... I can't believe I just wrote that). 

It's true though.

There's just something so calming about early mornings - about the fresh smell of the air, hinted with the lingering smell of rain, the sky still dark, and the only sound to be heard is the birds chirping away happily. 

I actually really love being awake at this time - to appreciate these fleeting moments. 

It reminds me of my uni days actually.

Sometimes I'd come home from uni so exhausted that I just couldn't face a whole night of studying, so I'd have an early night and wake up at 4am to study then. Those were actually my most productive times - at 4am there's no distractions, just the cool fresh air blowing in through the window and the sound of the birds.

Such a beautiful, peaceful time of day