(a very belated) March in Pictures

Well... April has been a rather dismal month blog wise but actually a very exciting one in terms of life events - which is why this post is so late! I couldn't skip this one though because March was such an exciting time for Tom and myself and I wanted to have this little collage of pictures here on the blog to look back on! 

If you've read my previous blog post you'll know that in March we got the keys to our very own apartment! As you can imagine we were pretty excited about this and most of the month was spent organising all things home related.

We currently have very little furniture, but a rather large and overflowing collection of mugs!

We do actually have a dining table now but it was fun having picnics on the floor the first few nights! That picture above was taken on the first night we spent there - watching Gilmore Girls and eating pizza ;)

Other fun things in March included catching up with friends over a delicious brunch, strolling around Fremantle and stumbling upon a second-hand book sale one weekend morning. 

A pretty awesome month really :)

Lots of Love