My Style Diary - A Walk Through the Botanic Gardens

Hello :)

Happy Saturday!

I've just got back from work and finally have a chance to sit down and share another set of photos from our trip to Melbourne. Yay! :)

These were taken towards the end of rather tiring (but fun) day, as we were strolling through the Botanic Gardens on our way back to the hotel. 

Earlier in the day we had accidentally hopped off the tram at the wrong spot and ended up walking pretty much the whole length of Chapel Street (which is a bloody long road!)

We could have easily caught another tram, but we were having fun just wandering along and exploring... although it did leave me a little grumpy and with very sore feet by the end of it!

As we made our way back though, we decided to walk through the Botanic Gardens, and all traces of my earlier grumpiness disappeared. The gardens were just lovely, with brightly coloured flowers and beautiful trees with their leaves all yellow and orange and red. Such beautiful autumn colours. 

We were also treated to a stunning sunset with the sky and clouds over the city turning a gorgeous orangey-pinky-purple shade that the photos just don't do justice to! 

For my outfit I was wearing a new pair of jeans that I'd just purchased the day before. I'd been looking for a pair of comfy boyfriend-style jeans for ages and these ones are perfect. Paired with this quilted white jumper, a scarf and parka, it was a very comfy, relaxed outfit for a long day of walking and exploring. 

That's it for today

I hope you're having a fab weekend :)

Lots of Love



Jumper - Dotti

Jeans - 7 For All Mankind

Scarf - Market in Cambridge

Parka - Forever New

Shoes - Converse

Bag - Jigsaw