Ten Things I LOVE About Spring

It's that magical time of year again... that amazing time where the arrival of brighter days, blue skies, spring flowers and just that warmth in the air has me a bit ridiculously giddy with excitement!

There's just something about springtime that feels so fresh and full of possibility and anticipation, and every year I've posted a few photos on the blog and declared my love for the season. This year I thought I'd delve a bit deeper and make a little list of the things that, for me at least, make this such a fabulous time of year. It's nothing groundbreaking, but hopefully it'll help you remember to notice the simple things...

So here we have it - Ten things I adore about Spring

1. The longer, brighter days

- Even if you're up early and heading out to work, at least it's light now when you roll out of bed! Admittedly we are pretty lucky here in Perth, with beautiful sunny days not uncommon even in the middle of winter, but there's just something about waking up to natural light that makes mornings


much easier!

2. That warmth in the air

- there's just something about the feel of things heating up that you can't beat. There's that smell of spring in the air, the promise that warmer days are just around the corner, the fact that you can go out without a jumper - it's just so free-ing!

A couple of weeks ago the temperature made it's way up to 30 degrees, and even though I was at work and inside all day, just looking out the window  and feeling that warmth in the air made it feel like holidays were on their way! I guess it's just an association I have from my school days... but it's still a great feeling!

3. Enjoying long walks in the sunshine

 - Spring is truly the best time of year to get outside and enjoy your surroundings. Whether you like long, relaxing walks or prefer to pick up the pace, the weather is just perfect any time of day. I love going for a walk around my neighbourhood in the evenings, spending the morning strolling by the river or exploring King's Park on the weekends, and just getting out for a quick walk around the block during my lunch break. 

4. So much colour everywhere

 - One of the reasons I love going for walks this time of year is that there is just so much colour all around. Flowers are bursting out everywhere you look and there's just so much beauty around! That sounds so cheesy, but it's true!

Tom laughs at me when we go for a walk because I'm seriously like a little kid - all excited about the next pretty flower we come across and having to stop every few meters to examine and photograph it!

The wildflowers are out in Kings Park at the moment so I definitely recommend getting down there if you're in Perth!

5. Spring fashion

 - It's time to put away those dark winter clothes and coats and bring out all the brights! Floral dresses, sandals, shorts and of course those white floaty tops I have a particular penchant for - this is the fashion I live for! I've made no secret here on the blog that I'm not a huge fan of wintery wear, so this time of year is my wardrobe's time to shine. I've mentioned before I'm trying out a capsule wardrobe, and while it worked really well for winter, I have to admit I'm struggling a little with my Spring capsule - there's just so many pretty summery clothes that I love so I'm having difficulty narrowing things down! I might have to rethink the capsule wardrobe idea (for the warmer months anyway), but we'll see what happens and I'll keep you updated!

6. Spring beauty 

- There's just something about pastel painted nails, light, shimmery eyeshadows and bright pink lipstick that brings a smile to my face. Even though I tend to wear this kind of look all year round, it's extra perfect now that the weather is warming up!

7. That urge you get to spring clean

 - I love the rush of energy and motivation I get that spurs me on to have a good clear out, declutter and just generally put things in order at this time of year. I guess it's called "Spring Cleaning" for a reason. This whole year I've been slowly sorting through my things and letting things go in an effort to live a more minimalistic lifestyle, but now that it's Spring (and also because I've just read Marie Kondo's book - The Life Changing Magic of Tidying), I'm feeling extra motivated!

8. Feeling inspired to be more healthy

 - When it's cold and rainy, all I want to do is curl up inside and indulge in a little too much comfort food, but now that the weather's so much cheerier, the thought of fresh fruit, salads and just generally making better food choices is so much more appealing! The fact that all the summer fruits are coming out definitely helps. Hello peaches!

9. Everyone seems to be a little happier 

- Is it just me, or do people in general just seem to be friendlier around this time of year? There's something about sunny days that seems to make almost everyone feel that little bit cheerier, and you can just see it in people's faces and the way they go about their day and interact with people. From people I work with, patients I see, random people you walk past in the street, everyone just seem to be that little bit more upbeat.

 ...and that's always a good thing - "Happy people just don't shoot their husbands..." ;)

10. The promise that Summer Is Coming!

- Even though I'm working now and don't get to enjoy those gloriously long summer breaks, Summer always gives me that "free" feeling.

Holidays (even if they are kinda short), Christmas, long hot nights, beach fun times, ice-cream - all good things to look forward to. ...and the anticipation of it is half the fun! 

What's your favourite thing about Spring?

(Or I guess Autumn if you're in the Northern hemisphere!)