Hobart - Salamanca Market and Mona


I have some more Hobart photos to share today :)

Tom and I arrived in Hobart on Friday night, and after dropping our bags at our hotel we went out for dinner at a Greek restaurant called

Mezethes Greek Taverna

(which I highly recommend, although make sure you're very hungry if you decide to go with the set menu - there was a


of food!)

The next day we made our way to the iconic Salamanca Market which is open every Saturday (we'd planned our trip specifically so we'd be there when it was on). With nearly 300 stalls, there's a huge variety of products on sale - food, jewellery, woodwork, flowers... but by far my favourite thing was the raspberries. They were the sweetest most delicious raspberries I've ever eaten and just thinking about them now is making me hungry! You must try them if you go to Tasmania!

After strolling around for a good few hours, we then caught the ferry to


- The Museum of Old and New Art.

That was definitely a very interesting experience! Anyone who has been there before will know what I mean - some of the pieces of art are... how would you say it... an "acquired taste"? 

It is definitely worth visiting though!

My favourite piece of artwork was actually the trampoline that was outside the building. 

Apparently it had originally been placed inside the museum, but I think it is now in the perfect spot - right on the edge of the cliff overlooking the water. You're actually able to jump on it (which is the whole reason I loved it) and it's a pretty incredible feeling (and just a lot of fun) being able to look out onto the water while bouncing around on this big trampoline!

Anyway, I'll leave it at that for today!

I hope you're having a great Saturday :) 

Lots of Love