My Travel Diary - Richmond

On our way from Hobart to Swansea, we drove through the beautiful village of Richmond. It's such a sweet little place, so picture-perfect with it's old Georgian buildings lining the main street and the rolling hills in the background.

We of course had to stop and take a look at the Richmond Bridge. It's the oldest bridge still in use in Australia and was built by convicts in the 1820s!

This particular day, the weather was so beautiful and sunny, there were ducks waddling along the shore and families picnicking on the grass, with the beautiful bridge in the background, and it was one of those moments that just felt so perfect and relaxing. I'm replaying it in my memory right now and I'm getting that effect like in the movies when they flashback to "happy times" with the slightly hazy filter and dreamy music. I realise that just sounds so corny but I swear I just had one of those "flashbacks" hehe... maybe I've been watching too much Netflix lately ;)

While wandering around, we found this beautiful little secluded spot and my inner child decided I just


to climb the tree. The climbing part was fine and a lot of fun, but I then also decided to jump from that branch, and it didn't end too well! (It was higher than I thought!) My landing was definitely not the most graceful, but I guess looking back now it's kinda a funny memory (although I don't think I'll be jumping out of trees again any time soon!)

We strolled around, popping into cute little vintage/antique stores, sampling some delicious jam from a local jam maker (we brought home the Raspberry Jam and Whisky Marmalade), and taking a look in Sweets and Treats - The Richmond Lolly Shop. I'm actually not that big a fan of lollies (I'm more of a chocolate lover), but I just adore lolly shops - the the colourful jars of sweets lined up along the walls are just so eye-catching and make me feel like I could be in Honeydukes! (Basically I'm a fan of anything that reminds me of Harry Potter!)

Another interesting attraction that we visited, was the Old Hobart Town Model Village. It's an accurate model of Hobart in the 1820s, built from the original plans from that time. It's definitely worth a look if you're visiting Richmond, as the attention to detail is pretty incredible!

We also took a stroll up the hill and had a look at what is apparently the oldest Roman Catholic Church in Australia. There was a mass on at the time so we couldn't go inside, but it was a very beautiful old church from what we could see. I keep joking with Tom that we should get married there, as the whole place was just so picturesque!

So that was our visit to Richmond!

I hope you're having a great Sunday!

Lots of Love