My Style Diary - Beautiful Blossoms and a Pale Pink Hat

Hello Hello :)

I'm currently sitting on the couch watching Gilmore Girls (my fave show ever), and feeling pretty content with things at the moment, so I figured now would be a good time to share these photos of the beautiful Plum Blossom tree that's right outside our apartment. Just look at those beautiful pink blossoms - seeing them every morning has definitely been brightening up my day. 

We're well into September now, but today was the first day that we've finally started to get some warmer weather and that it's really started to feel like Spring. That feeling of warmth in the air and the promise of warmer days to come makes me feel so much more optimistic about everything! ...My mood is ridiculously weather dependant - I'm lucky I live somewhere that is fairly sunny all year round!

These photos were taken last weekend when it was still pretty chilly though. I haven't featured this jumper in a blog post yet but it has been one of my favourites that I've just been living in all winter. I love the light grey knit fabric and that little crossover detail at the front that just adds a bit of interests (you know I'm all about the little details). I've also been really enjoying wearing this muted pink/blush coloured hat which I picked up on sale in Topshop while on my girls trip to Sydney earlier in the year. I always love seeing people in hats but rarely wear them myself, so I'm happy to say this has ended up being a good purchase for me! The colour adds a nice feminine touch and it goes well with the greys/whites/blacks that make up most of my winter capsule wardrobe. I really need to swap out my clothes and transition to my Spring Capsule soon, but until today things have still been pretty chilly so I just haven't  gotten around to it yet!

Anyway, I think I'll continue watching Gilmore Girls now. I'm starting from season one in preparation for the new reunion season coming out in November. Anyone else excited about that? I can't wait!

Hope you're having a lovely night!



Top - Dotti

Jeans - Country Road

Necklace - Mimco

Hat - Topshop

Bag - Jigsaw

Shoes - Country Road