Wedding Planning Inspiration


I don't know where the time has gone but somehow Tom and I have been engaged for 10 months now! We still have another year to go until our wedding but I'm starting to realise that when people tell you "the time will fly by", they're definitely right! While I do have a few of the bigger things sorted for the wedding (venue, photographer, videographer, and my dress!) I figured I should probably get started thinking about some of the other little details.

The thing is - I'm super excited about the wedding and pretty good at gathering inspiration, it's just the actual planning and decision making part that can get a little tricky! With the rabbit hole that is Pinterest, a myriad of wedding magazines to choose from and an endless number of photos to scroll through on Instagram, it can all get a little overwhelming at times!

I figured today I'd share with you some of my favourite sources of inspiration in the hopes that it might help you (if you happen to be getting married) as well as myself to focus on some of the "best bits" and not get so overwhelmed by the massive amounts of inspiration out there!

Here we go!

The Magazine

By far the best magazine I've come across is

Hello May

. When we first got engaged I bought a few different magazines, but Hello May has been the one I've found the most helpful and inspiring. It's different to the other glossy mags - featuring more "Real Weddings", less adds (instead they're more like "introductions" to cool vendors), slightly quirkier more unique ideas, and somehow it just has more heart to it. I love reading about the wedding from the couples perspective, how they went about the planning process and their favourite part of the day.

I particularly loved reading this quote by a groom talking about what marriage means to him -

"Marriage means: sharing my food with another human, sitting in the car for five minutes deciding what cafe to go to, going on midnight coconut ice cream road trips, play wrestling until one of us gets hurt, putting on our trackies and watching a kids movie, another coffee date, evening beach swims, cleaning the sink after washing up, learning to appreciate life's beauties, more coffee dates, and being able to wake up every day next to the most caring, beautiful person I have ever met. Did I mention coffee dates?"

I just thought that was so incredibly sweet, and it's nice to see little reminders of what it's all really about - appreciating the amazing person you're marrying!

The Podcast

I'm an avid podcast listener, so of course I had to find a podcast about wedding planning! Aleisha from the

Bridechilla Podcast

is an Aussie comedian living in London, and as she describes it, her podcast is all about "wedding planning without the bullshit!"

She's been podcasting for about two years now so her back catalogues is pretty huge (I'm still working my way through the older episodes), and she just gives really great advice from deciding on your guest list, to budgeting tips, fun ideas on how to make your wedding more "you", interviews with industry experts, as well as helping to solve any wedding planning problems during her Q&A Thursday episodes. She's hilarious and her podcast reminds you to get excited, have fun, enjoy the planning and not take things too seriously! 

The Blogs

There are just so many wedding blogs out there offering awesome advice and inspiration that I couldn't possibly choose just one favourite. A lot of these are ones I've found through Instagram or through listening to The Bridechilla Podcast and have really enjoyed the brief time I've spend reading them, but that I'd love to delve a bit deeper into when I get a chance. I think there's a lot of fab ideas to be gleaned from these blogs, but I just haven't had the time to really sit down and take it all in! This list is also a little reminder to me to check these out again when I get a chance!

Bridal Musings

- A beautiful site that covers everything you need to know about wedding planning

Magnolia Rouge

- The photos are just


Secret Wedding Blog

 - This is one I heard about from The Bridechilla Podcast. The editor Raj features "mainly multicultural weddings, fusion weddings and interfaith weddings" which are a little different to what you usually see on other wedding blogs. I love it!

Style Me Pretty

 - do I need to say anything more? :p

The Youtube Channels

Watching youtube videos is one of my favourite ways to just switch off from real life and chill out a bit. I don't know what it is, but listening to someone chat about makeup/fashion (my usual favourites) and in this case wedding planning can be really relaxing. (It also makes doing the ironing way more interesting!)

These girls have shared their wedding planning on youtube and it's fun to follow along with someone who's going through a similar process to what I am now. 

Becca Kay


Hayley Paige


Alexandra Garza


Cider With Rosie


Bride De Force


Alexandra Beuter


Katie and Baby

I also love

Forestry Films

. They're wedding videographers and their videos are so beautiful and heartwarming. Here's my

favourite one


So there's a few of my favourite places to look for wedding inspiration (otherwise known as ways to procrastinate the actual planning of the day)!

If you have any wedding planning tips and tricks or suggestions I'd love to hear them!

Have a beautiful Sunday!

Lots of Love