My Style Diary - A Relaxing Weekend :)

Hello :)

So, tonight didn't exactly go as planned... I was going to have a really chilled out night, watch a movie and go to sleep early (my normal boring routine that I was actually really looking forward to!). But instead, I got roped into playing indoor soccer! Anyone who know's me, know's that I am not a sporty person. I'm okay with things involving my own body - dance...skiing...rollerblading. As soon as you add a ball - not good! I think this is partly because I had a bad experience with a softball (that was in no way soft) hitting me in the face  when I was younger. Anyway, my friend called me up (after calling everybody in his contacts list) and begged me to play, otherwise they would have to forfeit. After much persuasion I reluctantly agreed... and you know what? It was actually quite fun! Luckily for me, it was soccer, and out of all the team sports, it would have to be my favourite - because you don't have to catch or throw! 

Anyway, seeing as I ended up enjoyed myself after being so grumpy about having to go and play,  I've had a realisation. I've been really close minded lately when it comes to trying new things, and getting into a bit of a rut. I really just need to get out and be more sociable and get involved in more things. I'm only 22 for goodness sakes...and sometimes I act like a 62 year old! When I was still studying, there were so many things I said I was going to do once I finished uni, and so far I haven't really done any of them. But I'm going to get started!

Back to the pictures. I took these photos this past weekend while I was in Margaret River with my Dad, Uncle, Grandparents and Tom. We had a really nice weekend going for walks through the bush, having lunch at Saracen Winery, visiting a Meadery and the Olive Oil Factory... I find it's just so relaxing going down south, the bush is so peaceful and calming, and it was great to have a different setting for photos!

What I'm Wearing:

Dress - Don't Ask Amanda

Cardigan - Pull and Bear

Boots - All Saints

Bag - Country Road

Love Lauren