Great Gatsby - Sparkles, Pearls and Bow heels!

Heya :)

A few weeks ago I went to a Great Gatsby themed 21st, and I had so much fun planning my costume and getting all dressed up! I hadn't been to a Costume Party in quite some time, and it was the perfect opportunity to rummage through my wardrobe and jewellery box and pull out all those sparkly bits and bobs that I rarely get a chance to wear in "real life". (Well... I do wear them...but there's something fun about being able to pile on the accessories,  and not worry about being over the top!) 

Speaking of The Great Gatsby - I think Baz Luhrmann did an amazing job with the new movie. Visually, it's just stunning, and the soundtrack is great too. I quite enjoyed the interesting blend of the modern music with the 1920's setting. It was a very "Baz Luhrmann" kind of film - very dramatic and theatrical. I'm a huge fan of his movies (Moulin Rouge! is my favourite movie of all time), and this one didn't disappoint!

What did you think of the movie?

Lots of Love



Dress - Forever New

Sequined top - Forever New

Shoes - Office

 Head band - Mimco

Necklace - My Mum's

Bracelets - Accessorize, Thomas Sabo, Tiffany & Co

Ring - Forever New

Clutch - Olga Berg