An Amazing Year - Looking Back on 2015

I really can't believe that this is the last day of 2015.

December seems to have whizzed by in a flash, and I'm a little sad to see it go, as this year has been a really great one for me!

2015 was the year of some pretty big, life changing moments, and I have some incredible memories to look back on.

Lots of exciting things happened, from big things, like Tom and I moving into our own place together, to smaller things, like finally discovering podcasts (how did I not know about them before?! They've made my drive to work


much more fun!)

I love looking back at the year and remembering all the amazing things I have to be grateful for. Here are a few of the highlights from 2015...

*Starting off the year with a relaxed picnic in King's Park with some of my closest friends

*After a long hunt, Tom and I finally bought our first home!

We love our little apartment and have had such a great time moving in together and making it all home-y. We've still got a way to go before it'll be "finished" but I've been loving the process.

*A long weekend trip to Melbourne for my birthday

(The first time in years that I wasn't working or studying on the day!)

*Discovering "minimalism" and the idea of more simple living.

I've been on a decluttering and downsizing kick this whole year and it's something I plan to continue for years to come. I definitely wouldn't call myself a minimalist by any means, but I've had a huge shift in mindset and it's been pretty life changing. Thankfully Tom's been on board too and it's been so great to share this experience together. I've been inspired by a lot of blogs, youtube channels and podcasts so I'll hopefully get around to putting together my own post about this soon!

*Tying into the more minimalistic lifestyle I've been slowly adopting, I'm loving the fact that I've downsized my wardrobe and have been happily living with a capsule wardrobe for the past few months now. I still probably have a few too many pieces in my wardrobe, but I'm definitely finding it's much more manageable now! I was worried that streamlining my wardrobe would be problematic from the fashion blogging side of things, but I haven't found it to be a problem at all (although I will admit I've been a bad blogger and haven't been posting as much as I'd like lately). I actually think there might be a few changes coming to Lauren Loves Laughter next year, as I'm planning on sharing a lot more about capsule wardrobes and how I've applied this more minimal mindset to other aspects of my life.

*I finally dove in and decided to try my hand at



I've only posted a few videos so far, but I'm happy to have finally overcome the fear of putting myself out there and gotten started on it, as it's something I've been wanting to do for a while now.  It's just another fun, creative outlet for me and hopefully something I'll continue in 2016!

*Tom and I celebrated our six year anniversary!

It's been an awesome six years that seem to have just flown by. I am so lucky to have such an amazing, funny, kind, (not to mention incredibly good looking) guy by my side.

Ok... enough of the soppiness!

*An awesome holiday in Melbourne and Tasmania to end the year.

Taylor Swift's 1989 Tour was amazing, and we then had a lovely relaxing holiday in Tassie. I totally fell in love with the place - the adorable old houses in Hobart, the winding roads and gorgeous small towns, the delicious food (particularly their raspberries!), the amazing view from our accommodation in Swansea, and an amazing day spent trekking around Cradle Mountain.

It's been a good year :)

I have a feeling though that  2016 is going to be equally fabulous (if not better) as I have some exciting news up my sleeve (but you'll just have to wait for that!)

I hope you're 2015 has been just as amazing!

Lots of Love



Exciting News!

Hello Hello!

So, now that I'm done with my random little morning musings (see last post if you don't know what I'm talking about), I thought that since I'm awake, now would be a good time to share with you why my blog has been a little neglected over the past month.

The reason is actually very exciting (and totally given away by the photo above!)


Tom and I now have the keys to our own apartment! 


( I definitely have some crazy eyes going on in that photo!)


It's been a very exciting few weeks, but also a little hectic trying to get everything organised (hence the blog neglect the past month)

In some ways it's been a long time coming - we spent months and months house hunting, going to home opens every weekend and despairing that we'd never find the right place (well that was just me to be honest, but even Tom did find it a bit draining after a while). Once we found our place though, time just seems to have flown by and I can't believe we actually have the keys and are officially the owners of a cute little 2 bedroom flat!

We haven't actually moved in yet, given that we currently have zero furniture, Tom being away at work and the fact that we only just got our fridge delivered (kinda hard to move in somewhere if you don't have a fridge!)

I'm so excited though - we now have a little place of our own. Our own space to do up and make comfortable and home-y, and it's just generally really exciting to be starting this whole new chapter of our lives. 

It's safe to say there will probably be a few more home decor related posts appearing on the blog in the next few months (I have been going pinterest crazy!)

Let me know if there's any particular home related posts you're interested in seeing or if you have any tips on moving! I'd love to hear your advice :)

I hope you have any amazing day!

Lots of Love



New Years Eve Picnic in the Park

The perfect way to ring in the New Year - good company, a delicious picnic and one of the most stunning views in Perth.

Today I have a double outfit post as my friend Emily was kind enough to let me snap a few photos of her.  I love her outfit and the slight French feel it has (particularly appropriate as her gorgeous boyfriend Francois is actually from France!)

There must be something about French shoes too as both our sandals happen to be from there. Mine are so old I actually don't know what brand they are, but Em's are from Les Tropeziennes and were apparently "all the rage" when she was in Paris in the summer of 2012 - Em spent a whole year living there on exchange - the lucky thing!

We had a really relaxing New Years Eve eating far too much food and just chilling out in King's Park.

Though I would love to spend New Years in Paris one day, I think we have to agree that 

when you live somewhere as beautiful as Perth, there really is no place like home :) 

I hope you had a great New Years Eve (I know this is a little late!)

Lots of Love



Emily's Outfit

Top - Marks and Spencer

Cardigan - Marks and Spencer

Skirt - Portmans

Sandals -

Les Tropeziennes

My Outfit

Top - Marcs

Jeans - Siwy

Sandals - From Paris

Necklace - Colette by Colette Hayman