On The Weekend - The Perth Upmarket

A few weekends ago I headed over to UWA to check out the

Perth Upmarket


I spent a lovely afternoon wandering by all the stalls and feeling very inspired. There was a huge variety of things on sale from candles to cupcakes, and of course plenty of jewellery.

One stall in particular caught my eye as it had some gorgeous and very unique jewellery pieces made out of Polyclay. 

If you haven't heard of polyclay before, it's basically like plasticine which can be moulded into shape and then hardened by baking it in the oven. 

My best friend and I used to spend hours making jewellery and a range of other things (ie: props to use when playing with our Barbies - think mini teapots, cupcakes, pizzas etc), so seeing all this gorgeous jewellery at the stall made me quite nostalgic. 

The business is called Clay and Clasp and all the piece are hand made by a lovely lady named Lucy. There are some really cute, quite whimsical pieces, that are something a bit different to what you'd usually find. Although I was very tempted to pick up one of the Macaron necklaces, I ended up settling on a long pendant necklace with a bunting design in gorgeous pastel colours. If you like slightly quirky, unique jewellery, I'd definitely recommend checking out her


As you can see from the photos above, I also picked up some macarons for my family to share. Just looking at the bright colours makes me smile, and they were really delicious... I might have to try making them one day, although that could go quite badly as I'm not the best at cooking! (particularly baking... it never turns out for me!)

One more photo - I just thought I'd share a picture of these earrings that I made out of polyclay when I was in primary school. I think they're really cute, although I wouldn't really wear them now. They're a nice reminder of fun times though :)

Anyway, I hope you're having a lovely Saturday!

Lots of Love