My Style Diary - Down South

Right now I'm watching TV with my Dad, catching up on reading blogs, and doing my own little bit of blogging. All in all, it's been a very relaxing night, which is what I needed after a busy week! 

These photos are from my very short trip down to Margaret River last weekend (I was working Saturday morning so only got to stay one night). Despite the short stay, it was a great little break and I had a lovely time hanging out with my family on Father's Day. It's amazing how much more refreshed you feel after getting out of  your usual environment. I think it's especially relaxing being surrounded by nature... waking up hearing the birds chirping... sitting on the veranda drinking tea... going for bush walks... 

Anyway... snapping myself out of my little day dream... on to the outfit. I love the relaxed feel this has with the slouchy top, blue jeans and "natural" colour scheme. While I do love my bright colours, my favourite outfits are usually the ones that incorporate neutral colours. I'm a sucker for whites and cream pieces... there's just something so clean and fresh about them. One of my colleagues at work commented that I only ever wear two colours. White or pink. She has a point, and I could probably try to branch out a little more... but if you love something, why change it? :)

I hope your Friday night's been great!

Lots of Love 



Top - Witchery

Jeans - Calvin Klein

Boots - Betts

Scarf - a birthday gift

Ring - Asos

Necklace - Rapture (from China Red)