My Style Diary - Batik Florals


Happy Saturday! I'm so glad it's finally the weekend :)

I haven't been up to all that much today. Just got back from having some yummy Japanese for lunch with Tom, and now enjoying having a lovely lazy day. I think I might go and read outside after this, although it's actually really lovely up here in my room right now. In the spring, when the trees are all beautiful and bushy and green, it kind of feels like I'm up in a tree house. It's funny though, when I was studying, I would gaze outside, wishing I was anywhere but at my desk, but now, I'm finding it to be quite relaxing just sitting here, typing away :)

Anyway, this is what I wore last Saturday when I went out for dinner with my friends.

I'm so in love with this maxi skirt from Tigerlily. The gorgeous batik floral design, the colour, the cut, the swishy-ness.. it's just perfection :)

  I'd had my eye on this for ages. Every time I walked past the store I would go in and look at it, never letting myself try it on... but eventually I caved... and finally ended up walking out with it.

I've been looking for the perfect top to pair it with, and it's been surprisingly difficult to find what I'm looking for. All the tops I've tried have been either too loose, too tight, too low backed, too sheer (or maybe I'm just being fussy). I still haven't found exactly what I'm looking for yet,

but I decided this black singlet (which I've had for years), would do for now. 

That's it for today, I hope you're enjoying this beautiful Saturday!



Top - Forever New

Skirt - Tigerlily

Wedges - Trenery