My Style Diary - Fashionable Flamingos


I hope you've had a great start to the week :)

 I have to say I'm glad Monday is over! Despite the fact that I enjoy my job,  and n

o matter how much I try to convince myself that "Monday is a great day",  a "new start", 

Monday mornings are always hard, and it's always nice to see the end of them. The rest of the week seems much more manageable once Monday is over! (...Maybe one day I will learn to like them).

Anyway... This is what I wore on the weekend. I've had this flamingo printed top for years and still love it just as much now as I did when I first bought it. It's such a fun, summery print. Pink and green is a combination I've always loved, and I think this top ties the two colours together perfectly. Paired with white shorts (one of my summer staples), it's a perfect outfit for a scorching hot day.

It's probably not the best to wear if you're going for a walk and just happen to stumble upon a Mulberry tree though... (which is what we did). I was very careful though and managed not to get any purple stains on my white shorts! 

Mulberry picking makes me so nostalgic... It's one of those things that just makes me think of summer holidays gone by :)

Lots of Love



Top - Picnic

Shorts - Cotton On

Bag - Jigsaw

Sandals - From France