My Style Diary - Day and Night

Hello hello :)

Let me introduce you to my new favourite top, which I recently picked up from Sportsgirl. 

I'd been eyeing it for months, waiting for it to go on sale (the bargain hunter in me wouldn't let me spend $79), so when I saw it the other day for almost 60% off, I pounced!

I love the bright aqua colour, the floral pattern and the soft billowy fabric. Also the fact that it reminds me of when I was younger, and I desperately wanted one of those crop tops that tied in the front. Do you know the style I mean? Anyway,  I never had one of those tops, but this is my "grown up" version. 

I wore the bottom outfit out for dinner on Saturday night where I caught up with my best friend from uni, who I hadn't seen in far too long. We had a great night catching up over delicious Japanese and bubble tea. I can't say I miss being at uni, but I do miss our trips to Utopia for Bubble tea (it used to be a verrry frequent occurrence). 

Then on Sunday, I just switched the jeans for white shorts and headed to King's Park for a picnic with friends. Very easy! (and lazy of me)

All in all it was a great weekend :)

I'm also happy to say that Monday is over! Yay! I don't know what it is, but it seems that as soon as Monday is done, the whole week just passes by much more pleasantly. Anyone agree with me?

I hope you're having a great night.

Lots of Love



Top, Hat & Shorts - Sportsgirl

Sandals - Therapy Shoes

Watch - Thomas Sabo

Bracelet - Pandora and local boutique

Jeans - Forever 21