My Style Diary - Red Dress and Cranberry Eyes

Good morning! :)

Firstly, let's just address the fact that yes, my legs are ghostly white, and I desperately need a little sun/fake tan! The other day, my dad actually said to me my legs were so white I looked anaemic! (He meant it in a caring way I'm sure... :p)

Anyway, I wore this out for dinner with Tom the other night. We don't often go out on "dates", so it was fun to have the chance to dress up a little! I love the colour of this dress (even though it does seem to emphasise my ghostliness), and it's one of those dresses that is just easy to throw on, so you can look put together without really trying (as you can probably tell, I'm all about that!)

I had a bit of fun with my makeup that night too, playing around with some new eyeshadows. I usually tend to stick to neutral, more natural looks, but I felt like experimenting, so this is what I came up with! :)

Anyway, have a lovely Sunday!



Dress - Tigerlily

Shoes - Forever New