My Style Diary - Pajama Pants?

Helloo :)

The pajama/harem style of pants was one of those styles that I had no intention, or any desire to try out (and I was quite determined that I would never wear them) 



I stumbled upon this pretty floral pair in H&M while I was in Malaysia, tried them on and realised I couldn't resist a pair of pants that were this comfy and were (kinda) suitable to be worn out in public.


well of course they're comfy Lauren - they're basically pajamas!


They're perfect for lazy days when you literally can't be bothered and just want to wear trackies, but need to look at least semi presentable. 

 Paired with a fitted tank top and simple accessories, I actually really like the look (despite the fact they're not the most flattering style on me) ... 

I feel a little like Princess Jasmine actually... which is never a bad thing. 

While I can't say it's my favourite trend of all time, I have a feeling that these pants will be getting a lot of wear, purely for their comfort factor (and maybe because sometimes it's nice to feel a bit like a Disney Princess :p)

I hope you're having a fab Thursday!



Pants - H&M

Top - Zara

Sandals - Therapy

Watch - Thomas Sabo