Summer in Pictures

I've always loved the beautiful, bright Instagram collages that I've seen on so many of my favourite blogs, and aside from being lovely to look at, I think they also bring a nice little personal touch.

I'll admit that I do have a bit of an Instagram addiction. It's such a great way to record the little things in life that have made me smile, and it's great being able to look back through my photos and remember happy moments. Particularly on a Monday morning when I'm feeling a little bit "blah" - I scroll through my pics and look through at the fun I've had and think "Hey - life is actually pretty great!"

It was only the other day though, that I finally sat down and decided I would figure out how these collages were made. Turns out it was extremely simple - take a look at

this site

if you'd like to know how it's done. I thought it was going to be a long, arduous, time consuming task but it was actually super easy!

So now I've gone a little crazy compiling my instagram pics into collages, I thought I would share a couple here. Looking through them, it's a lovely recap of just a few snippets of the fun things I got up to this summer. 

The above photos were all taken during my week down in Margaret River - mornings spend having a delicious breakfast at the Margaret River Bakery, and walks along the beach were the major highlights :) How cute are their tea pots?!

For Valentines day this year I was very lucky and surprised to receive

 these stunning pink roses and the cutest card and block of chocolate from


(Tom knows me well).

This amazing, giant strawberry and rose water macaroon is seriously the best dessert I've ever had. It was from 

Bistro Guillame

where I went with a bunch of friends for a special treat. If you're after somewhere really special to go for a meal, I'd definitely recommend it!

So that's it for now :)

Lots of Love