My Style Diary - Sweater Weather

Hello Hello... 

So it's been bloody freezing in Perth the past few days, and to tell you the truth I am completely sick of the cold! It's not so bad when you can snuggle up in bed all warm and cozy, but getting up early and heading out to work is not fun when you can't feel your fingers!

Admittedly I shouldn't really complain as we've still been having lovely sunny days (and it's not


cold compared to a lot of places), but I'm a summer girl and I'm longing for the warmer days and simple summer dresses!

To deal with the cold, I've pretty much just been living in jeans and jumpers, and my leather jacket has definitely been getting a work out. The day these photos were taken was slightly warmer so I took the opportunity to wear this statement necklace instead of a scarf. I love the amethyst type stones and tassels that it has, and the way it can (slightly) dress up what would other wise be a bit of a dull outfit. 

Anyway, I'm off to sleep now, it's past my bed time

(quite the party animal aren't I?)

Hope you're having a fab Saturday night!

Lots of Love



Jumper - Gap

Jeans - Levi

Jacket - from Hong Kong

Boots - All Saints

Necklace - Sportsgirl

Rings - Asos and Dotti

Bag - Jigsaw