Beauty Bits - Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet

I will admit that I have a slight addiction to lipstick.

Most other beauty products I can resist and I (try to) keep them to a minimum, but when it comes to lip products, I have very little will power and my collection is getting a little out of control! 

So, despite reading great reviews about the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet's on a number of my favourite beauty blogs, I tried to resist... When I spotted them on sale at Priceline the other day for $10 however (normal price is $24), I caved...

It was worth it though, because let me tell you - they live up to all the hype! Seeing as I'm so fond of them, I thought I may as well add my two cents, so here we go...

They're a liquid lipstick with a matte finish that are super long lasting. Unlike most matte lip products I don't find them to be drying at all (provided you use a lip balm first) and they actually have a really nice, slippery feel on the lips that is very comfortable. 

The doe-foot applicator has a pointed tip which makes precision application nice and simple, and once they set, 

they stay put all day until you take them off. Seriously - these don't budge at all! As someone who always forgets to reapply, that's a huge positive - particularly when we're talking about such bright bold colours. 

I've tried out three of the eight colours in the collection and have been loving them all. The first two would probably be a little more appropriate in the summery months, but I love a bold lip all year round. 

First up we have 

Number 02 Frambourjoise, 

which is 

a stunning strawberry pink colour that walks that fine line between pink and red. Just gorgeous! (It's my favourite of them all)

Next is

Number 03 Hot Pepper

, which is a vibrant, fire engine red that is seriously bold. The orangey-red is a lovely warm colour that really brightens up any look and is what I'm wearing in the photo above.

Number 07 Nude-ist


I would describe as a dusky rose colour, more muted than the others and much easier as a "wear every day" kinda colour. This is exactly what I'd hoped the Hourglass Opaque Rouge in Rose to be. Unlike the Hourglass one, it can be layered without getting cakey or flakey and doesn't settle into the lines of your lips (and is a fraction of the price! - bonus!) 

L-R: Hot Pepper, Frambourjoise, Nude-ist

They look a little glossy in the photo above, but once they dry they are completely matte

As you can probably tell by all the gushing, I really love these liquid lipsticks. They're the best I've tried and I'd definitely pick one up if you're a bold lip lover.

If I remember correctly Priceline has 30% off all Bourjois at the moment so now would be a good time to snap one up!

(Sorry for enabling!) :p