My Style Diary - Wedding Guest

Hello hello!

The weekends have been kinda crazy lately (in a good way), but unfortunately that means my little blog doesn't get much love! I finally have some time to just sit, go through photos and put this together so I'm making the most of it! 

It's actually 6:45 am on a Sunday morning as I'm typing this. I can't decide if it's a good or a bad thing that I never seem to be able to sleep in, no matter how late a night I have (and last night was a really late one). I guess some people are just naturally night people and some are morning people and I definitely fall into the latter category. In the mornings I'm full of energy, but come night time I am totally unproductive and exhausted. I realise this probably sounds bizarre to most people... but there must be someone out there who agrees??? :p


Last Saturday, Tom and I went to his cousin's wedding. The whole day was just perfect - it was held in a beautiful little chapel, the bride was stunning in a dress completely covered in gorgeous intricate beading, and the ceremony was just so sweet and heartfelt. 

I wore this dress which I've had for years and has seen me through a number of Uni balls/other fancy events. I love the colour (can you tell I like pink?) and pretty floral/leaf detailing along the neckline, but in hindsight I probably would have paired it with more narrow belt. Ah well, next time! 

I hope you're having a great day!



Dress - Wayne by Wayne Cooper

Belt - Kookai

Heels - Zara