April in Pictures

Where on earth is the year going? It seems to be flying by so quickly!

Here's a look at a few things I've been up to in April:

It's been a pretty cool month, with Tom and I getting settled into our new place. We haven't quite got everything sorted yet, but things are slowly coming together.

The only part of the apartment that is completely done is the kitchen and we've been having fun cooking a little more instead of going out to eat like we usually do. I've particularly been enjoying using my new "Nutri Ninja" and have been going a bit crazy making smoothies! (Recipes will be making their way to the blog soon I'm sure!)

Long walks through King's Park, by the river and around UWA have also become part of our weekend routine. It's such a great way to start off the day and the weather's been pretty perfect for it (nice job Perth!)

With two long weekends this month I had a great excuse to finally sit down and enjoy a lazy afternoon reading a book. We still don't have internet yet which has been a little annoying (and is the reason why it's been a bit quiet on the blogging front this month), but it has been a great way to force me back into the habit of reading. Not that I need much forcing, but it's taken away the distraction of Instagram/email/youtube etc and helped me get back into something that I love but just don't do enough of!

Oh and I also dressed up as Princess Leia for a Star Wars themed party! (On that note - anyone else excited for the new Star Wars movie coming out soon? I can't wait!)

I hope April's been great for you! 

Lots of Love