My Style Diary - Bright Pink, Blue Denim

Heya :)

I feel like I've probably posted a very similar outfit on the blog previously - a bright pink top with blue denim is a favourite combination of mine, so this pairing tends to be on high rotation.

In real life I'm actually a serial outfit repeater and have no shame in re-wearing the same outfit over and over again if I love it, but obviously that wouldn't be particularly interesting if I shared the same outfit on the blog too often!

I do love watching youtube videos featuring one item styled in different ways though - it's a great way to get inspiration and new ideas! I'm thinking that would be a fun series of posts to do but it would be a bit more time consuming... so we'll see if I get around to it! Would anyone be interested in seeing that? Let me know :)

Anyway, I need to rush off... I actually have a dentist appointment now (which I'm weirdly happy about... I love going to the dentist...)

 Hope you're day's going well!



Top - Sportsgirl

Jeans - Siwy

Sandals - Therapy

Watch - Calvin Klein

Bag - Trenery