The Foodie Post - Typika Artisan Roasters

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Today I'm sharing one of mine and Tom's favourite brunch haunts which we always turn to if we're stuck for ideas.


in Claremont never disappoints, and these photos are actually from a few different trips so you can tell we really do love this place!

As you'll see from the photos  there's clearly a favourite go-to order - Tom can never go past the

Wagyu Beef Burger 

(which I'm always happy about because it leaves me free to try new things and still get to have a few bites!) It is seriously one of the best burgers out there and the kimchi filling adds a special little flare. The bun is just that perfect mix of soft but still crunchy and there's something about it that reminds me slightly of a Hungry Jacks burger (but a really amazing, delicious, and good quality Hungry Jacks burger!) The chips it's served with are also lovely with some sweet potato ones thrown into the mix to make it even better.

The pancakes pictured above are just as delicious as they look, served with vanilla custard, poached pears, strawberries and a nut crumble sprinkled over the top. It's just a slight variation on the ones in the photos below which are actually hiding under a very generous amount of vanilla custard. The ones below are the

Cast Iron Pan - cakes

"a doughnut style pancake cooked in steaming hot cast iron", which gives them a delicious puffy crust . I'm not sure these were available last time I was there but they do change up their menu now and then so we'll just have to wait and see if they make a comeback.

My friend Alex is an Egg's Benedict connoisseur and we've actually joked that he needs to start up an "Eggs Benedict of Perth" instagram account he's tried that many places. The Typika

Eggs Benedict

get's the thumbs up from him so you know they're going to be pretty good.  

Pictured right down the bottom is their

Vegetarian Bagel

with roasted pumpkin, capsicum, dukkah,  caramalised onion, aioli and spinach. A very nice bagel and another good savoury option (but it doesn't quite match up to the burger or pancakes for me!)

Another of their staple dishes (which I don't have photos of unfortunately) is their

Golden French Toast

. This one is seriously rich - "french toast served with maple candied bacon and lashings of salted caramel sauce". A delicious one if you're feeling indulgent and have a particularly sweet tooth. I'd recommend sharing this one if you can and maybe having some sort of savoury option on the side!

Ok enough about the food, let's talk about the drinks.

Considering the name of the place is "Typica Artisan Roasters" it's not a surprise that they're mostly known for their coffee which they roast on site. I can't really comment on the coffee myself (I'm just weird and don't actually like coffee) but Tom tells me it's pretty good. 

For those like me who are not so fond of coffee, they also have a pretty decent selection of smoothies, juices and of course chocolate-y drinks - in particular their

Ice Chocolate

which (in my opinion at least) is the

best ice chocolate in Perth


I usually always start slurping it down as soon as it's placed in front of me, so haven't been able to get an amazing photo of it but as you can see from the quick snap I did get (pictured below), it's served in a 

mason jar

 (oh so hip these days) with a scoop of ice cream and a good sprinkling of chocolatey goodness on top. As I mentioned in my last Foodie post, I'm a pretty tough critic when it comes to ice chocolates and this one is seriously the best. None of that over the top sickly sweetness you can sometimes get, just perfectly chocolatey and yummy.

Seeing as we're heading into the cooler months I might be switching up my ice chocolate for something a bit warmer soon and I highly recommend their

Deconstructed Hot Chocolate. 

Served on a platter with a glass of warm frothy milk, chocolate flakes and melted chocolate it's also a winner. 

For those coffee drinkers out there wanting something a bit different, they actually also do an interesting

Cold Brew

which is served with a beaker of sparkling water and a glass of ice. This one's a favourite of Tom's in summer.

(I don't have a photo of these two at the moment sorry!)

In terms of the service I've read a few unhappy reviews on 


,  but personally I've always found the staff to be really friendly and helpful and for us the food has always arrived pretty quickly. The one downside is that it can get quite busy on weekends, so there is usually a bit of a wait for a table. We've never found this to be too much of a problem though as there's usually somewhere to sit and you can always order a drink at their espresso bar if you're really starving! 

Hopefully you're enjoying these posts - they're a bit of a change from my usual ones but it's fun to mix it up a bit. I'm not sure I have many Perth readers so these may not be particularly helpful or relevant, but who doesn't love looking at mouthwatering food photos anyway? ;)

I hope you've had a great day! Let me know what your favourite breakfast food is!

Lots of Love