The Foodie Post - Breakfast at the Margaret River Bakery

A visit to the Margaret River Bakery is always a must whenever we find ourselves down south, so after deciding spontaneously to take a (very) short trip with my family this weekend, of course we had to stop by!

It's such a cute, quirky little place with mismatched furniture and an eclectic mix of colourful crockery, fun table numbers and of course fabulous food!

While they have a great selection of pies, rolls and yummy sweet treats, their breakfast menu is always my favourite. I was torn between choosing a number of the items - like the Avocado smash (which my mum had and loved), the Canadian pancakes or French Toast, but ultimately settled on their Granola with greek yoghurt and berries, which was not only delicious but also had the added benefit of being particularly photogenic ;)

Their Mango smoothie (that was actually green) was a winner too and my little sister Bella had the breakfast smoothie which she thoroughly enjoyed. My Mum tells me their Kermit Green Smoothie is also a good'un.

Tom had a long black (which was "okay but nothing to write home about" - although do note that Tom's a bit of a coffee snob!) and a pepper steak pie (their pies are always delicious!) 

Delicious food, a lovely relaxed atmosphere and getting to spend time with some of my favourite people - a pretty good way to spend a Saturday morning :)

If you've never been before, The Bakery is definitely a place to add to your list (just keep in mind that they're closed on Sundays!)

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Lots of Love



My Style Diary - Anniversary Celebrations at Meeka Restaurant

Good morning and Happy Sunday!

As usual I'm up at a ridiculous hour for a Sunday (but  I love it) and I'm sharing with you photos from last night. Yesterday was Tom and my 7 year anniversary -

seriously how has it been seven years?!

- and to celebrate we decided to do our usual thing and go out and eat! We had been meaning to try out  

Meeka Restaurant

for ages (the menu has been up on our fridge to remind us for months) and we figured our anniversary was a perfect excuse to go out for a lovely meal. 

I wore one of my favourite dresses; white and floaty, this Zara number is always a winner in my books, and as it was a little chilly, threw on this relaxed boyfriend-style blazer. I love the look of blazers but rarely wear them as they tend to make me feel too dressy, but tonight the oversized look of this one felt perfect paired with the feminine dress.

Tom also dressed up a little, wearing a checked shirt from Trenery. I love the colours and it's nice to see him in something other than a t-shirt every now and then ;)

We definitely weren't disappointment when it came to the food (see below for photos). The restaurant is middle eastern/Moroccan style and everything we ordered was absolutely delicious. 

The dishes are designed to be shared so we started with a few plates of Mezze; Pumpkin hazelnut falafel pockets, Hummus 3 ways with Meeka mixed breads, and Dates stuffed with goats feta, candied walnuts, lemon rocket shallot salad and toasted pepitas. The dates were my particular favourite - you had the sweetness of the dates mixed with the savoury, slightly salty cheese, and then the textures added a whole other dimension. The chewy dates were wrapped in a sort of crispy noodle type thing (no idea what it actually was) that added a lovely crunch. Every bite was

just. so. good!

We then shared a vegetable Tajine served with Couscous and finished off our meal with a pretty awesome dessert; Meeka Doughnuts stuffed with salted caramel, cardamom sugar, chocolate hazelnut caramel swirl ice cream, hazelnut praline, macaron and rose petals. It was a good as it sounds. The only part I wasn't a huge fan of was the Persian fairy floss which was perched atop the icecream. It looked beautiful, but there was something about the flavour/texture I just couldn't quite wrap my head around. (This was a very minor thing and Tom seemed to enjoy it so it's probably just my weird taste buds!)

In addition to the lovely food the restaurant was beautifully decorated and atmospheric and the service was top notch too. If you're in Perth I recommend checking this place out - we'll definitely be back again. 

So that brings me to the end of todays post. I hope you have a beautiful Sunday!

Lots of Love



My Outfit:

Dress - Zara

Blazer - Zara

Bag - Jigsaw

Heels - Country Road

Tom's Outfit:

Shirt - Trenery

Jeans - Calvin Klein

Boots - ?

My Style Diary - Sunday Strolls and Lunch at JoJo's

Ah Sunday... how I love you...

Work has been particularly busy lately, so my Sundays have been extra precious. It's funny though because even though it's my one day of the week where I actually have the opportunity to sleep in, I seem to always wake up around 5am (which is earlier than my alarm goes off on a week day!)  I'm not complaining at all - I've said it many times here before, I love mornings - waking up to that soft morning light and birds chirping away (and the knowledge that I don't actually have to get up if i don't want to) is pretty lovely.

One advantage is that I get a chance to do a little early morning blogging :)

So today I thought I'd share these photos from a few Sundays ago. I'd had a particularly stressful week so Tom suggested we do one of my favourite things - go for a long walk and out for lunch.


is a restaurant my family used to go to when I was little. It's right on the river and we used to go for breakfast every now and then on weekends. I remember my Dad would always be partiucularly enthusiastic about these family breakfast outings :) There's a jetty that you walk along to get to the restaurant and occasionally you'd see dolphins swimming by... such good memories there :)

Tom and I are usually breakfast/brunch people and JoJo's doesn't open until 12 so we hadn't been together before. This day  though we figured we'd change up our usual ritual of Sunday morning breakfast and go for lunch instead. 

It was just such a lovely relaxing afternoon - good food, a beautiful view, time with my fave person... the perfect way to de-stress :)

This Sunday we're actually having engagement photos taken so I'm pretty excited about that. I have my wedding hair and makeup trial booked today as well so that should be a bit of fun! I can't believe it's been 11 months that we've been engaged (we're a little slow at getting our engagement photos taken) and actually less than 12 months now til our wedding! Time has just been flying away so quickly lately...

I hope you have an absolutely beautiful day Sunday.

Lots of Love



Dress - Tea Party at Lucy's

Cardigan - Pull & Bear

Sandals - from Paris

Bag - Jigsaw