My Travel Diary - Vlogging in Berlin!

Hello Hello!

Firstly - Happy New Year! I can't believe this is the first post I'm doing in 2017 - somehow time has run away from me! (I'm always saying that aren't I?)

Tom and I had a lovely start to the year as we were still away on holiday, and we've just been settling back into "real life" over the past week or so.

I was planning for my first post of 2017 to be something about New Years Resolutions/Goals, or at least a bit of a recap of the past year (I always love reflecting on all the highlights), but I haven't quite gotten around to sitting down and really planning that out yet so instead I'm sharing a few of the vlogs I made while we were on our Europe trip! - starting off with Berlin!

There will be plenty of photos and Travel Diary posts to come, but it's going to take me a while to sort through all those photos so I thought I may as well share the videos here on the blog in case anyone happens to be interested! 

To be honest I do cringe a little at the thought of people watching these, but I had such a fun time filming and editing them and it's great to be able to watch them back and remember what we got up to and what an awesome trip we had. 

I figured I should just suck it up, try not to worry about what anyone thinks and just put these out there! Especially seeing as my word for this year is "Confidence" - this is a good start to putting that into practice!


Off to Berlin



Berlin Walking Tour and Christmas Markets



Mauerpark Flea Market and East Side Gallery



Tiergarten and Christmas Markets at Schloss Charlottenburg


Have you been to Berlin before? I'd love to hear what your favourite places to visit are as Tom and I really enjoyed exploring this beautiful city and would love to go back one day!

One of my absolute highlights (which I didn't actually vlog) was meeting up with a friend that I've made through youtube - 

Jenny Traumerin

. It was so fun to be able to meet up and connect with someone who has so many similar interests to me and that lives on the other side of the world!

The internet is a pretty amazing thing really!

I was also lucky enough to meet up with the lovely Rachel from

A Nesting Nomad

while I was in London too! (So Rachel if you're reading this - thanks so much for taking the time to meet us!) Her travel blog is amazing so you should check it out if you haven't seen it before!

Meeting up with these online friends really reaffirmed to me that I should keep up with this little hobby of mine. I feel like it fell by the wayside a little in 2016 so hopefully I'll be able to put a little more love into the blog this year as it's something I really enjoy!

Hope you're having a great night (or day!)

Thanks as always for stopping by! 

Lots of Love