My Style Diary - Blue Jean Baby

Good morning!

Another Sunday morning, another blog post coming to you as I sip my tea in bed. Ahh Sundays! :)

Today's Style Diary is from last weekend - and what a lovely long weekend it was!

I hope you all had a nice Easter break :)

On Saturday morning, Tom and I went for a nice long walk, had brunch and spent some time just browsing around the shops. 

While reading the paper at brunch I noticed an ad for a home open at an apartment block that we'd seen a few years ago while searching for our own apartment. We had swiftly rejected it as it was an "off the plan" development (not something we were interested in), but the design of the place had always intrigued me. The plan was to convert an old warehouse in Fremantle into "New York style" apartments, and they had just recently finished building.

Seeing as I've always dreamed of living in a New York loft (exposed brick walls, beautiful floor to ceiling windows... *insert heart-eyed emoji here*), we decided to be nosey and take a look.

I'll do a separate post sharing a few of the photos, but there were some seriously gorgeous apartments in this building! We may not be in the market to buy at this stage, but I'm just gathering all the inspiration for my "future dream home"!

Outfit wise it was a blue denim and white kind of day - my go-to for weekends when I want to feel comfortable and laid-back. I always feel like ripped blue denim has that "effortlessly stylish" vibe, which is something I always want! Paired with a white lace top it's a little more feminine and pretty - so just my kinda style!

What's your go-to weekend outfit?

I hope you have a beautiful Sunday!



Top - Forever New

Jeans - Siwy Denim

Shoes - Roxy

Bag - Country Road