My Style Diary - Forest Green Pinafore Fun!

Hello and Happy Sunday!

Today I have a fun Style Diary post to share featuring this cute pinafore from Princess Highway. I love that overalls/pinafores are back in fashion and aren't just for little kids anymore!

I've finally come to the realisation that although I may admire those bloggers who  have a really sophisticated style, I'll never actually be one of them. I just can't resist the slightly more quirky designs - like fruit-printed dresses, sparkly shoes (I just bought a pair of super sparkly keds for my wedding and I am SO excited about them) and of course, overalls.

Tom (in the kindest way possible) recently described my style as something "a big six year old would wear"

... and you know what... I'm cool with that!

Just as a side note - I always find Tom's thoughts on fashion to be quite hilarious - his descriptions are just gold!

Fashion is meant to be something fun and I love being able to express just a little bit of my playful personality through my clothes.

Even if that does sometimes mean dressing like an oversized child!

I picked up this forest green pinafore from Princess Highway when I was in Melbourne back in March and I love it so much. The colour will be perfect as we transition into autumn (now that I've been out of school for 10 years I've finally gotten over my aversion to green after being scarred by our "tree-like" uniforms for so many years) and I can picture so many ways of styling it. That's the fab thing about pinafores, they're versatile as you can layer them with different pieces for a totally different look. 

This particular day was lovely and sunny so I paired it with a white lace top and white sand shoes (we were doing lots of walking so comfy shoes were a must!)

I think it gives a a nice fresh, summery vibe - and I'm happy to hold onto summer for as long as possible!

What are your thoughts on the pinafore/overall trend? Are you a fan or is it not your jam?

I hope you have a beautiful Sunday!

Lots of Love



Pinafore - Princess Highway

White Lace Top - Topshop

Bag - Country Road

Shoes - Roxy