The Weekend Post: The Bakery, Breweries and Visiting a Lighthouse


Today I have another set of photos from our little trip down south to share with you. 

We had a lovely start to our  Saturday with breakfast at The Margaret River Bakery, which is my absolute favourite place to visit when I'm down there. It is such a cute little place with great atmosphere - old chairs and sofas on the veranda, photos, artwork and plates covering the walls and quirky mismatched mugs and tea cups. Not to mention

the best

tasting food!

My drink of choice is usually tea which is always presented so beautifully in one of their many adorable little tea pots. This time though, I had a chai latte (which was soo good), and avocado and feta on sourdough toast with cherry tomato salsa. Such a simple dish but it was done so well and is truly one of the best breakfasts I have ever had. 

Tom had the banana and honeycomb pancakes which were also seriously amazing!

After breakfast we decided to explore somewhere different, so after a bit of a drive we ended up at Cape Naturaliste and had a nice walk up to the Lighthouse. The view from there is so beautiful, but it was extremely windy so we didn't hang around for too long. Tom did snap a few photos for me though so you can expect an outfit post coming up soon!

Tom loves his beer so next it was on to the breweries (I'm not a beer drinker, so was happy to play the designated driver for the afternoon).

We stopped in at the Eagle Bay Brewery where Tom enjoyed the beer tasting plate and I cringed and pulled funny faces when he convinced me to take a sip (nope - beer is just not my thing).

I did however like the chalk board out the front - "I'm not addicted to beer, we're just in a committed relationship" -very applicable to Tom!

Then, after driving around and stopping off at a few other random spots, we headed to the Bush Shack Brewery which had a really nice, laid back feel, and spent a lovely afternoon just relaxing there. 

After a very fun but quite busy day, we headed back, cooked Spaghetti Carbonara for dinner and spent the night watching The Perks of Being a Wallflower (which has now been added to my list of favourite movies - partly because it has Emma Watson in it and partly because it was just an awesome movie). 

All in all it was a pretty perfect weekend away :)

Now I'm just daydreaming about the next one!

Hope you're having a great night

Lots of Love